Riserless Intervention

riserless_intervention_image_comboBlue Ocean Technologies provides rigless riserless services to meet complex subsea challenges. The Blue Ocean Interchangeable Riserless Intervention System (IRIS) is rated for 10,000 feet of water depth and 10,000 psi, and incorporates a closed hydraulic system, patented grease injection/sealing system and electric hydraulic controls through an in-house umbilicals system. The ROV-compatible system works well with horizontal or vertical trees.

The Blue Ocean IRIS has evolved over the past decade into the broadest functioning fully integrated system available in the market today. This accomplishment has in large part been achieved through lessons-learned experience and analysis from deployment in water depth greater than 8,200 feet.

The system has been deployed with the following:

  • Slick Line
  • E Line, Milling, Stroking, Tractor
  • Braided Wireline
  • Running, Setting, Pulling Tubing And Tree
  • Plugs
  • Pumping Cement Plugs
  • Sliding Sleeve Actuation
  • Coil Tubing (in development)
  • Plugging And Abandonment
  • Logging While Flowing
  • Perforating
  • Fishing / Bailing